Cavaliers' offense going through a rough patch

The holiday blues have hit the Cleveland Cavaliers' offense pretty hard the past three games. As the image below shows, the numbers are ugly, especially in the first two games of this three-game road swing.

For LeBron James, there seemed to be a carryover from the Christmas Day loss to the Warriors (James went 2-of-6 from the field and 1-of-4 on free throws in the final five minutes). The Cavaliers' 29-point halftime deficit Saturday was the largest a James team has ever faced, and it was the most a James team had been outscored in a half of any game he has played.

James went 4-of-13 from the field and finished with 12 points. He had one other game this season with that point total and that shooting line (both season-worsts). Those numbers came in a 30-point win over the Grizzlies, compared to this ugly loss to the Trail Blazers.

James finished -29 for the game, which marked the third-worst plus-minus of his career. He had two previous games that were worse: a loss to the Celtics in January 2004 (his rookie season with the Cavaliers) and a loss to the Celtics in April 2012 (with the Heat).