Matt Barnes: Mo Cheeks Almost Ended My Career

The Warrior with the biggest neck tattoo was interviewed by Eric G. Satterwhite for HoopsAddict. Here's a key section:

Matt Barnes: It has been a dream come true playing for Coach Nelson. I was in Philadelphia prior to coming to Dallas and I was thinking retirement. I was disrespected badly by Mo Cheeks while in Philadelphia and was contemplating pursuing a football career. Then over the summer I worked hard on my game and God blessed me with the opportunity to play in Golden State. Coach Nelson has been a father figure, an uncle, a brother, a mentor, a cousin, and more importantly a friend. You can talk to Coach about anything. When he arrived in Golden State he explained my role and allowed me to flourish. He has given me and my teammates a freedom we felt we never had in the NBA and when it comes from a coaching legend its more powerful.

HoopsAddict.com: Since I've known you since High School I'm aware football is your first love and you were an All-American receiver as a prep setting National records for touchdown receptions. I find it interesting you were contemplating retirement to pursue the NFL. Elaborate on the 76er experience.

Matt Barnes: I had a bad experience with Mo Cheeks. No Coach ever talked to me in the matter and he did beat down my confidence. I was wondering if his view was how the league (NBA) thought about me. God blessed with this opportunity at Golden State after I worked hard on my game this summer and I feel most fortunate where I am at right here and right now.