Monday Bullets

  • Some advanced stats are still controversial, I guess. But it's laughable to me that any coach, GM or other hoops professional would mock, or prefer not to know, for example this, from John Hollinger, talking about J.J. Hickson: "Unfortunately, his proclivity for midrange jumpers that don't find the basket remains intact. Hickson tried 144 between the two locales and made only 29.9 percent of them, accounting for more than a third of his shot attempts."

  • Kevin Love says every guy on the Olympic team -- LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kobe Bryant are mentioned by name -- are great guys. It's a good time to be the NBA.

  • DeAndre Jordan, funny guy/alleged polluter.

  • Andre Iguodala does not want to be labeled as a facilitator, wants to remind people he shot well from 3 last season, wants to keep all his offensive options open, wants to be an All-Star many times, and says he may play some point guard.

  • Tyreke Evans and Blake Griffin are also on the list of players who want to make sure people know they can shoot now.

  • Mark Cuban says that if somebody buys an NBA team and submits a proposal to move it to Seattle, he'd be shocked if any NBA owner would oppose the move.

  • J.A. Adande takes a crack at describing Lamar Odom's dreadful 2011-2012 NBA play: "He explained last season this way: 'I wasn't over a lot of the things I've been through. Sometimes when you go through certain things, other things that you've been through in the past might resurface.' It makes sense. I think there was a delayed reaction to the death of his infant son in the summer of 2006. If there were a logical time for Odom's play to spiral down the drain it would have been that year. Instead he came out playing some of the best ball of his life, on track for a career-high average of more than 18 points per game through the first 20 games of the season. Knee and shoulder injuries knocked him off that track, but his final average of 15.9 points still was the highest of his seven seasons with the Lakers. It was as if he put the grief in a locker for storage. He once told the Los Angeles Times, 'When I had to bury my child, I probably didn't start grieving until a year and a half later.' In the same interview, he added ominously, 'Death always seems to be around me.'"

  • Surreal Philadelphia scene. Heroin sold in tiny bags labeled "LeBron James" with an image of a player dunking.

  • The Knicks daily create openings for the Nets to become the favorite team of New Yorkers.

  • Kendrick Perkins says Thunder guard Eric Maynor, who spent last season recovering from ACL surgery, is back and better than ever, even dunking.

  • The best in the league from the pinch post.

  • On video: What Boris Diaw does that works for the Spurs. Includes the phrase "use opponent's athleticism against them" which I imagine will attract the attention of aging ballers in YMCAs the world over.

  • Wow. As a young stud, Byron Scott dunked on Purvis Short (video). They had words after Scott preened in a manner that would not be allowed today. Later in the same game, Scott headed down the right wing on the break, eager to end all debate by dunking on Short again. Short was having none of it, going hard with the body contact. But Scott took the contact and threw it down very hard anyway. This link is via a fun Cavs: The Blog post called Ten Things to Like About Bryon Scott.

  • Do the Pistons have a roster spot for Ben Wallace? Is that really still an open question? Shouldn't this have been settled ages ago?

  • Andrew Bynum will sit three weeks after getting the German knee procedure Kobe Bryant got last summer, and it's easy to get that "here we go again" feeling that has hung over both the Sixers and Bynum for years. For what it's worth, Bryant looked uncomfortable last summer at a Players Association press conference, when he was recovering from his own version of it. However, Bryant went on to have a remarkably spry season, given his position and age.

  • The Bulls have a way of making these things complicated, but after some worries over the summer, the Bulls have signed Tom Thibodeau to a four-year contract extension. They had already picked up his option for the upcoming season, so by my math that means he'll be in Chicago through 2016-2017.