LeBron and Kevin Durant go for a swim

LeBron James and Kevin Durant worked out together in LeBron's hometown of Akron last month, a development that has generated polarizing opinions.

Some think these rivals shouldn't be so darn friendly. Some think it's great that the best in the game are pushing each other to new heights.

Whatever your opinion, it's clear that your workouts are nothing like the workouts of professional basketball players.

LeBron (@KingJames) and Durant (@KDtrey5) shot video of their training sessions and published the first day of workouts on YouTube for their fans last week. The video above is Day 2 courtesy of @lebronjamescom.

Average Joe and Average Jane swim laps in the background while these 6-foot-9 world-class athletes pretend to dribble a basketball underwater with styrofoam pom-poms. And then after that, they went and put up a gazillion shots on the hardwood.

A day in the life...