Friday Hotness

  • Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh finally came to blows, everybody. The trio apparently worked out together on Friday morning by boxing.

  • You can learn a lot by studying LeBron's career path. That's the idea behind a Harvard Business School course that examined LeBron's off-the-beaten-path marketing strategies. Specifically, the students analyzed three video game offers presented to LeBron a few years back and decided which made most sense from a business perspective. The students chose the X-Box Live offer. Why? From the Boston Globe: "The Xbox Live deal, the one ultimately chosen by James, involved more risk because it would take more resources and more time to develop a new game. It provided potentially more reward because of revenue sharing. As of today, James and his company continue to work on creating a game."

  • Using LeBron as an example, Zach Lowe at SI.com isn't convinced that strengthening Bird Rights would help small markets retain superstars all that much. "But these stars are worth so much — LeBron James earns about $35 million per year in endorsements — that one year and a few million dollars are not going to be enough to dissuade them from going where they want. You cannot legislate market appeal and smart cap management out of the league."

  • In 140-characters, CBSSports.com's Matt Moore points out the conflicted interests of Jordan endorsers like Dwyane Wade during the lockout.

  • LeBron's "Watch The Throne" shoe.

  • From Miami to Alaska: Chris Bosh will play in Mario Chalmers' exhibition game in Anchorage along with Dexter Pittman and former Heat players Daequan Cook and Michael Beasley. South Florida Sun Sentinel tells us that the game is set for Dec. 1 for those interested in leaving the Continental United States for a bit.

  • The Basketball Jones is coming to Miami. Oh yes, the hilarious NBA-obsessed crew has been touring across the United States over the past week or so and they'll hit Miami on Wednesday at Tobacco Road from 7 pm ET - 9 pm ET. Earlier in the tour, they got former Heater Dorell Wright to sing "Beat It" and interviewed several NBA players to find out who was the league's biggest hipster (Hint: his name rhymes with Shames Sharden). You can RSVP to the free event on their Facebook page. I already have.