Introducing James Jones' best friend

MIAMI -- Meet "The Gun."

This is a shooter's best friend in the offseason, but sharpshooter James Jones missed having it around because of the lockout. With no one else around to play with at the Heat's practice facility, free agent Jones busted out his long-lost friend and shot jumpers all by himself.

"It's really your coach," Jones said at Monday's workout. "You can pick the pace -- either slow or fast. When you're a shooter like me that's all you really need. Someone to pass you the ball."

It doesn't just pass you the ball. It's also a rebounding machine, adorned with enormous nets wide enough to snag a whale. And get this: it comes with a computer that displays number of shots taken, shots made, and even field goal percentage.


Jones started using them in college and likes to time his shooting sessions with a watch. Yes, Jones maintains a personal shots-per-second ratio.

What's he normally shoot on The Gun?

"75-80 percent," the reigning 3-point shooting champ said.

"There's no defense so it's easy, you know?"