Heat 'Temp Check' Postgame Show returns

MIAMI - With LeBron James set to face his former team again, and the Miami Heat then scheduled to embark on their longest and potentially most grueling road trip of the season, now seems to be the perfect time to run another installment of our Heat Index 'Temp Check' postgame show.

Here's how it works. You watch the Heat-Cavaliers game tonight, then send us your thoughts, questions, concerns and feelings about the team.

You're ticked off about the Heat playing down to the level of competition? Tell us why. You're wondering why LeBron isn't getting the MVP hype he's deserving? Holler at us.

Are you confident after seeing Shane Battier or Mike Miller bounce back with a solid game tonight? Let us know.

You want to know whether we'd trade Erik Spoelstra for Byron Scott straight up right now as Heat coach? Just ask.

It's that simple. Whether you want to rant or rave about the Heat, I'll be there to address your issue and give you a shoutout to go with it. Just hit us on Twitter, Facebook or reply in the comment section of this post with your questions/concerns during and immediately after the game. I'll pick a few to feature in the 'Temp Check' show, and ...

It's on.

In the meantime, check out our last episode below.