Monday's Heat practice video round-up

Quick round-up from Monday's Heat practice:

  • The Heat won another game by a wide margin on sunday and Tuesday's matchup against the Sacramento Kings isn't exactly a blockbuster matchup, so there wasn't a strong media presence at the Heat's practice on Monday. Some of the players watched the Thunder-Nuggets overtime epic late Sunday night. Dwyane Wade said "it was NBA at its finest." LeBron James gave a shot-out to all the fantasy owners out there. "If you had a fantasy league and you had those guys, then you won."

    • LeBron delivered a zinger about not playing much at the end of games lately: "It's always fun when you get a close game. I'm getting tired of sitting out in the fourth quarter, personally. It's messing up my averages." The present media got a kick out of that one. Here's the real question: will the fans?

    • And lastly, remember that Noah machine that Dwyane Wade used to improve his free throw shooting? It measures the angle of a player's shot arc and blurts out the degree angle from a black machine hanging on the wall. Wade used it a few weeks ago to correct his flat free throw shot and he's shooting a blistering 86 percent from the line since, including a personal-high 27 consecutive without missing. His goal is to get the arc high enough to elicit a "45" call-out from the machine. LeBron was using the Noah machine at Monday's practice while Dwyane Wade spoke to reporters. In the following clip, you can faintly hear the mechanical voice shouting out the degree angle from the black box on the yellow wall. (It's loudest at the 37 second mark when it says "46"). They love this machine.