How Joel Anthony trended on Twitter

As the media swirls around Chris Bosh today, it should be acknowledged that for a moment during Wednesday night’s rout over the Phoenix Suns the world was abuzz about a different Heat big man.

Yes, Joel Anthony trended on Twitter on last night.

It’s easy to admire a player like Anthony. He’s a blue-collar NBA player who has the unenviable task of guarding the giants of the NBA even though he’s about the size of Michael Beasley. At 6-foot-9 and 245 pounds, he has carved out the niche of springy shot-blocker who never shorts out on energy. He’s a guy you can get behind.

But boy, his airball reverse layup in Wednesday night’s win over the Suns was hard to watch.

Not only did he completely miss the rim on a lay-up from point-blank, but he also made the play way more difficult than it needed to be. In what seemed like an eternity, Anthony had a clear look on the left side of the basket before the Suns’ weak-side rotation arrived. It should have been a quick dunk or left-handed uncontested layup. But rather than ushering the ball to the hoop, Anthony pointlessly gave Josh Childress and Hakim Warrick an opportunity to converge by putting the ball on the floor en route to the other side of the basket. No, they didn’t block the shot but the ensuing airball may have Anthony wishing they did.

Hot Hot Hoops caught it all on film:

Maybe he wasn’t comfortable with his left hand to lay it in. Or maybe he just wanted some attention with all the hullabaloo surrounding his team. Whatever the case, Anthony needs a few more reps with the Mikan drill.