Wednesday Hotness

  • President Barack Obama appeared at a Democratic Party fundraiser at Alonzo Mourning's house in Miami on Monday night. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were on hand. "It was a cool experience, just to get to meet the President because I've never met the President before ... He's a very, very good speaker. I knew he was a good speaker just from watching TV, but it's something about it being in person," Bosh said of meeting POTUS.

  • Surya Fernandez of AOL Fanhouse writes that the concern with the Heat's mounting injuries isn't that they'll linger into the regular season so much as they keep a completely retooled roster from learning how to play together.

  • Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel on how the Heat might confront some of the better point guards in the East: "I appreciate that the Magic, with Jameer Nelson, and the Celtics, with Rondo, will stand as the greatest challenge when it comes to stopping opposing point guards, and that a defensive point guard on the court would help. The problem is neither Arroyo nor Chalmers carry such a resume. So it could come down to James drawing such an assignment, anyway."

  • Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm on LeBron James' propensity to draw fouls when he posts up: "James draws free throws 25 percent of the time he’s in the block. Among qualifying centers who spent at least 50 possessions down there last year? James was second behind Howard."

  • Zach Lowe of The Point Forward on the most profound adjustment Dwyane Wade will have to make this season: "... Wade will have to get used to playing off the ball. This, I think, is what people talk about when they wonder how the three stars will mesh. Wade (and, to a lesser extent, James) will have to work more as a cutter, screener and pick-and-pop option. He’s one of the three or four most skilled players in the world, so he should be able to pull it off. But questions about his ability to hit long jumpers are fair."

  • A reminder just how potent football is in the state of Florida. Both the Heat and Dolphins have radio deals with Clear Channel. The terms of the Heat's deal stipulate that they're entitled to any programming opportunities -- i.e. a long post-game show -- offered to other teams served by Clear Channel. The Sun-Sentinel reports that the Heat, who now have the market presence to produce more programming, have filed suit against Clear Channel to have the same privileges afforded the Fins.

  • Paul Pierce on WEEI Radio in Boston on the Heat: "As far as a prediction, I don’t know how many games they’re going to win and I don’t know how many titles they’re going to win. But I can tell you one thing: They’re going to be a pretty good team." (Hat tip: Sports Radio Interviews)

  • We're No. 3?