How far will the Heat streak go?

MIAMI -- Sixteen wins in a row.

LeBron James has never been here. This is uncharted territory for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, too. They're enjoying the longest winning streak of their careers right now.

But Shane Battier? He's been here before.

"This is nothing," Battier said with a laugh after Miami's win Wednesday. "I've won 22 in a row so this hasn't impressed me yet."

The Houston Rockets, as Battier was quick to remind surrounding reporters after the Heat nipped the Orlando Magic 97-96, rambled off 22 consecutive wins in 2007-08 when he played there. It's the longest such streak in the league since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976.

"Like (former Miami Dolphins running back) Mercury Morris said, 'Don't call me when you're on my block. Call me when you're on my front porch,' " Battier said, before admitting:

"I've been waiting for a year and a half to use that line."

Battier never thought he'd come close to winning 22 consecutive games again, even on this star-studded Heat squad. As Battier contends, winning one game in the NBA is hard enough. But the Heat currently own the fourth-longest winning streak in a decade, which also is the longest such streak in Heat franchise history.

How long has it been since the Heat lost? The first win of this streak came Feb. 3, in Rudy Gay's second game with the Toronto Raptors. Yep, just his second game.

The question on everyone's mind: When will this streak end?

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