Is laughing the new booing?

Thursday night in Cleveland, it might be.

Gary Dzen of Boston.com discovered a new Twitter feed called "LaughAtLeBron."

The premise is pretty simple. Rather than booing LeBron James during introductions and every time he touches the ball, fans are being encouraged to laugh at him.

It's a pretty subversive concept. LaughAtLeBron tweets to one Cavs fan:

Let's flip the script on LeBron people. He's expecting crowds booing him. Why? We all need to LAUGH at him. Dec. 2nd

Flipping the script will be tough to execute, though it's a bit easier with the Heat sputtering into Cleveland with no fewer than eight losses over its first 17 games. Booing is such a visceral -- almost reflexive -- reaction among sports fans and has been since the days of the Roman Colosseum. Manufacturing laughter doesn't come as naturally to the larynx. Try it for a second.

Still, it's a noble sentiment for those looking to express their loathing for James. Schadenfreude is a far superior expression to sheer hatred.

Will the laugh at LeBron campaign go viral enough between now and Thursday to provide the laugh track its proponents are hoping to achieve?