Pregame hysteria watch

President Barack Obama weighed in this afternoon on LeBron James' return to Cleveland on Thursday, predicting, "It's going to be brutal."

How brutal?

WEWS News, the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, got hold of a LeBron James voodoo doll. The pins are actually toothpick-sized Cavs swords:

WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, hosts Dr. Scott Bea, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Bea offers advise coping mechanisms for Cavs fans tonight. "They're probably a little too attached," Bea says. "Be a regular fan about it. Go ahead and voice your disapproval if you must, but go have a full life in other areas as well."

A Cleveland design firm that used to have a partnership with LRMR, James' marketing firm, no longer has that affiliation, but is still making money. Now they're peddling anti-James schmatas. Their best-seller? The Lyin' King.

Remember the guy who had to be escorted out of a Cleveland Indians' game for wearing a James Heat jersey? He'll be at game cheering on LeBron. WOIO Action 19 in Cleveland has the story:

Some Cavs fans held a "LeBron Celeb Roast" on Wednesday night. Roasts generally include the honoree on the dais. Not this one, which is particularly vicious (PG-13):