LeBron content to win scoreboard

This is an excerpt from today's edition of the Daily Dime:

CLEVELAND -- LeBron James had the hammer raised on his former team Tuesday night, the chance to inflict another lasting scar with the sort of record-setting performance that would hang on the books for years.

Maybe it was mercy, maybe it was maturity and maybe there was just some pride from the injury-ravaged Cleveland Cavaliers. It was hard to figure exactly what happened, but James uncharacteristically stood down and perhaps allowed a chance at a record to pass and left satisfied that his Miami Heat took a 100-96 victory.

Everything was set for James to make a run at his recently established career record of 61 points that he set just two weeks ago. He was having one of his classic shooting nights, where his in-rhythm shots slice through the net with precision and his forced shots bank in off the glass or catch the side of the rim and curve through.

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