Tuesday Hotness

  • Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball on Carlos Arroyo's perfect night in Milwaukee: "While [LeBron James and Dwyane Wade] were typically impressive, the play of lesser known Carlos Arroyo was key in holding off the Bucks. As a good role player should do, Arroyo played to his strengths Monday. He moved the ball, he found open spaces and he didn’t hesitate to shoot when he had an open look. The Heat guard made all six of his shot attempts, two of which came from 3-point territory, and all of his four free throws en route to 18 points."

  • Trey Kirby of The Basketball Jones does a morning capsule called "Wha' Happened?" which includes a lede from each of the previous night's games: "Five straight wins for the Heat including this snoozer against the Bucks. Call me crazy but 88-78 Miami is something that could have happened without all that free agent nonsense from this summer. Wake me up when the Heat are exciting again."

  • Overheard at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee when Wade touched the ball: "Die-ner's Bet-ter!"

  • Wait ... can the Heat exercise an injury exception for Udonis Haslem? Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel explains: "He's the deal: Nov. 30 was not a deadline for making a move or applying for relief, but rather the date that a season-ending injury must occur for a team to be eligible for cap relief for that season. Should the Heat press a case that Haslem is gone for the season, they will be eligible to use half his salary for a replacement. But that does not mean the Heat also would gain an additional roster spot. Based on where the roster currently stands, the point appears moot, since it is unlikely the Heat would cut a current player just to bring in another minimal-salary player. But it does remain an option for the team, one it could utilize at any point moving forward."

  • Jerry Sloan and various Jazz players talk about the challenges of defending the Heat. Here's Sloan: "If you're going to double team him, that's like double teaming Michael Jordan. You throw the ball to Kerr, and Kerr makes an open jump shot. If you don't, maybe Michael makes it. Same way with this guy. He's a terrific athlete; can do those things. Obviously Dwayne Wade is terrific as well to try to stop. You help, do the best you can; your rule is try to stay between your man and the basket. It doesn't sound very good. But that's what you have to try to do."

  • Marc Stein has the Heat ranked No. 9 in his weekly power rankings (published before the W in Milwaukee): "A handful of Heat fans are asking why the Lakers aren't subjected to the same crisis talk as Miami when the champs have also lost in Memphis and at home to Indy. Simple answer: Rings almost always get you pardoned."

  • American Express has reached a marketing deal with the Heat and the Chicago Bulls. South Florida Business Journal explains the appeal of the arrangement: "As is the case with many payment card sponsorships, much of the value of an NBA/AmEx deal will be in providing AmEx with exclusive, behind-the-scenes access and unique experiences at team and league events, which cardholders can access with reward points." The Heat and Bulls join four other NBA teams who already have an alliance with marketing alliance with Amex. Can you name them?

  • Give Mario Chalmers a blue vinyl Carolina Panthers loveseat and a joystick (are they still called that?), and he can operate a motor vehicle really fast -- though not as fast as Kevin Love.