Mike Miller on being courted by Lakers

Mike Miller, fresh off his first appearance of the season on Monday night in the Heat's loss to Dallas, visited with Dan LeBatard on South Florida ESPN Radio affiliate 790 The Ticket. Miller discussed his eventful four minutes of playing time, which included a loopy possession during which the Heat attempted eight shots from the floor and Miller called for the ball seven different times from the perimeter.

Several teams targeted Miller during the offseason, including the Lakers.

Via Eric Schmoldt of Sports Radio Interviews:

On whether there was ever a question whether he would be a member of the Heat:

"There was times. Right away, during the beginning of the process, the Lakers intrigued me. They gave me an offer that was tough for me to pass up. But going into the whole process was something that was exciting for me because I hadn’t had a chance to really control my own destiny. … Fortunately for me there were some interesting teams that had chances to win and I had some options … After the other guys made their decisions, I felt like this was the best spot for me."

On how the Lakers wooed him:

“Just obviously with winning. Coach Jackson would be a great coach to play for, and Kobe. I played with Pau before. It was simple to woo me in the fact that they were coming off winning a world championship.”

On whether he talked to Kobe Bryant:

“Yeah I talked to Kobe a couple of times … Believe me, some of the stuff he was saying made me want to sign right there. In fact, I had made the decision to do that and then … New York came in and offered me a lot more money or was thinking about offering me a lot more money.”

On what the best offers were:

“The Lakers offered me the mid-level and New York was above that. Obviously we never nailed anything down because I ended up coming to Miami. Miami’s was good. Obviously you take into consideration winning, you take into consideration where I’m living … There’s all kinds of different things you have to take into consideration.”

The Lakers ultimately signed up with Matt Barnes as their reserve wing, re-upped Shannon Brown and plucked Steve Blake off the free agency market.

On Tuesday, Heat Index's Michael Wallace addressed some of the questions raised by Miller's return. The Heat have settled into a very functional rotation over the previous couple of weeks. Carlos Arroyo and Mario Chalmers have been sharing up the 48 minutes at point guard. James Jones emerged as the designated perimeter sniper off the bench. The final minutes of the third quarter have belonged to LeBron James, while Dwyane Wade and LeBron James take their breathers.

Miller will be indispensable, but the timing of his return requires Erik Spoelstra to go back into the lab and fiddle with the formula.

Still, a good problem to have.