Monday Hotness

  • A player's contributions to team chemistry are unquantifiable. That's why on broadcasts and in player profiles, we often refer to qualities like unselfishness and the capacity to better team morale as intangibles. If there were such a measurement in real life, chances are Udonis Haslem would lead the Heat in that category. That's one reason why Wade made personal appeals to LeBron James and Chris Bosh to give up some of their salaries so that the Heat could retain Haslem, according to Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald: "Wade called Bosh and asked him to cut $15 million off his salary for Haslem. Wade called James and asked him to do the same. Bosh and James barely knew Haslem. Just a few short conversations here and there. But Wade told them this team needed someone hungry and gritty and unselfish like Haslem, and promised to cut $17 million out of his own contract to make it happen, too."

  • A catalog of reasons why the Heat won't win the title. This isn't the first time -- and won't be the last -- that the Lakers teams from 1968-69 through 1970-71 stocked with Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West have been referenced as historical precedence.

  • The Heat's frotcourt has inspired some skepticism. Bethlehem Shoals of The Works suggests that Miami's most glaring deficiency up front isn't post defense, but rebounding.

  • Arturo Galletti of Arturo's Silly Little Stats calculates his anticipated win total for the Heat and pays special attention to how Mike Miller's injury impacts that projection. The answer: More than you think.

  • Sam Smith of Bulls.com chooses James as his preseason MVP: "LeBron is going to look at every defender as the guy who Twittered him insulting comments."

  • Dwyane Wade, awkward teenager at the school dance.

  • Hooptropolis, a native Ohioan, on the assembly of talent in Boston in 2007 vs. this season's Heat squad: "People didn't hate on the original Big 3 in Boston as much as they're hating on the new Big 3 in Miami because they see the original Big 3 in Boston as being more engineered by office executives (so the players aren't to blame), while the new Big 3 in Miami has been engineered by the players."

  • Who's the best bet for the Heat's final roster spot? The finalists each offer a different rationale. Jamaal Magloire is the credentialed veteran who has been around since the merger. Patrick Beverley is the Cinderella candidate. He's bounced around Europe for a couple of seasons and was a gritty performer in summer league and the preseason. Da'Sean Butler, the Heat's second-round draft pick, has the most growth potential once he recovers from injury.

  • Video of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade addressing the media after Sunday's practice, courtesy of Hot Hot Hoops.

  • Mike Fratello would prefer that you not heave objects at players from the upper deck, no matter how upset you are about the cancellation of a game. Brian Schmitz writes that the Heat and Magic could've mollified disappointed fans by venturing into the crowd to snap a few photos and sign some autographs for ticket-holders.