LeBron clarifies Carmelo wedding comments

NEW YORK –- LeBron James downplayed, but didn’t deny his comments to Carmelo Anthony about joining the Knicks last July.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated earlier this month, Anthony said that James advised him to join the Knicks during a conversation at Anthony’s wedding in New York over the summer.

"If you want any chance against us in Miami, you'd better team up with [Amare] Stoud[emire] in New York," Anthony said James told him.

Asked about it before James and the Heat took on the Knicks Thursday, James attempted to defuse the issue.

“He blamed me?” James said with a smile “I think [that] particular day was all about Carmelo and his wife … We said what we said but, at the end of the day, we were excited to be there for his wedding.”

Reportedly at Anthony’s wedding reception was one of James’ closest friends, Hornets guard Chris Paul, who reportedly toasted to Anthony and himself joining Stoudemire in New York. Anthony can be a free agent this summer, Paul in 2012.