Harold Miner on demand

At Monday's game against the Cavaliers, I scanned AmericanAirlines Arena looking for someone wearing a LeBron James Cleveland jersey but I didn't spot any.

But what I did find was a middle-aged man and woman each wearing Harold Miner jerseys and I nearly gave them a standing ovation before I realized we were in the middle of the singing of the National Anthem. Nonetheless, the sight instantly drew up memories of his winning performances in the Slam Dunk contest ... visions of the reverse power dunks, the off-the-backboard acrobatics, and the lefty "Rock The Baby" Dr. J impressions.

And now you can watch them all. Thanks to a brilliant video visualization from the guys at Hoopism.com, you can cue up every single one of Miner's dunks that brought him the crown in his rookie season in 1993 and again in 1995.

While you're at it, go watch the double ball trick from Billy Thompson back in 1990, too.