The Heat miss the mark against Celtics

I gave Heat-Celtics III another viewing this morning.

The game came down to Mike Miller's missed wide-open three-pointer in the closing seconds (a play which was expertly diagrammed by Kevin Arnovitz). And the more I watched, I couldn't help but notice the sheer number of open shots the Celtics defense surrendered -- and how many times the Heat failed to capitalize.

The Heat shot a woeful 10-for-34 on shots outside 16 feet, including 3-for-17 from beyond the arc. But more damning was how many of these field goal attempts were uncontested by the Celtics defense. There was Miller's errant shot from the right corner that may or may not have missed everything. There were multiple mid-range jumpers from Zydrunas Ilgauskas that were off the mark. And then, Eddie House chipped in a couple blunders of his own.

I won't try to capture it all in words so I hope these thirteen photos do it justice. Every single one of the following open shots resulted a missed field goal.

The Celtics rarely give up open looks so the Heat picked an awful time to go ice-cold from the perimeter. Sure, everyone will remember Miller's last-second miss, but don't forget that it was only the last of a long line of squandered opportunities by Heat shooters.