Breaking down the Heat's last-second shots

One of the richest benefits of the internet is posts like this one from CBSSports.com's Royce Young. Our friend from TrueHoop's Daily Thunder took to the Eye on Basketball blog and broke down 13 of the Heat's last second possessions this season, providing video and sharp commentary.

His expert opinion? Take it away, Young:

Overall after running through all of these plays, what's obvious is exactly what Dwyane Wade said. The Heat just need to stop putting themselves in these situations. Preferably not the way they did Tuesday against the Blazers by getting beat by nine, but by maybe being on the high end.

When you have this many crunch time opportunities, it also means you have a lot of chances to fail.

Seven of these situations came with the Heat down three, which means they need to make basketball's most difficult shot with the defense knowing they have to take it. That's a tough situation. I honestly don't think the Heat have done that poor a job in crunch time. They've run some good plays, got good looks for their best players but they just haven't scored.

Like it is in baseball, basketball is a game rooted in failure. Ray Allen has mastered the 3-point shot and still misses 60 percent of the time. When he misses a few in a row, we shrug it off because, statistically, he's more likely to miss on a given shot. After reviewing the tape, Young doesn't see an alarming trend plaguing the Heat, with the only mainstay being the likelihood of failure.