Bosh: Boston, not Chicago, is tougher test

Joining WQAM in Miami, Chris Bosh offered a retrospective on the season as well as a look forward to the playoffs. At the tail end of the interview, he was asked about the road ahead and whether the Boston Celtics, who the Heat just pummeled on Sunday, would be a tougher test over Chicago, a team the Heat have yet to beat this season in three tries. Keep in mind, Bosh has shot 1-for-18 against Chicago, got injured in Chicago, and just plain underperformed against the No. 1 seed this season.

His answer?

From SportsRadioInterviews.com:

I’m going to go with the Celtics right now because of their experience and where they’ve been. The Bulls, they’re very talented obviously. They earned, and rightfully so, the No. 1 spot in the East. But you know, the Celtics you really never know with them. Last year everybody wrote them off, they were the No. 4 seed and they came within a few minutes of winning an NBA title. So they have guys that have been there many, many times before and they bring a lot of experience.

One would think the 23-point romp on Sunday would instill some confidence, but Bosh would still prefer to play the Bulls. Perhaps some of that is Kevin Garnett, and some of that is, like he said, experience. The Bulls have the best record in the NBA and yet, an All-Star player would still rather play them then a team that lost 11 of their final 21 games. Are the Celtics dead or just playing dead? Bosh thinks the latter.

Also in the interview, graded his coach Erik Spoelstra on the season.

He’s done pretty good. I give him credit, because most guys would be very accommodating coming in. He’s got his mind set on what he wants the team to be, what we’re going to do, and what we need to do. When it’s time to point out a mistake, he points it out no matter who it is. And I give him credit for that because it can be intimidating coaching certain guys. If you have this team that’s under this huge microscope, you can change a little bit. But I think he’s a mentally strong guy and he’s stuck to his will. He just keeps going, he doesn’t worry about anything outside basketball. He’s just focused on making this team the best it can be.

When Spoelstra was publically under fire during the Heat's stumbling out of the gate, one of the barbs tossed at him was that, as one of the youngest coaches in the league, he may not have authority over the star-studded team. Not the case, Bosh says. Far from it. He holds his players accountable, no matter if they are a part owner of an EPL team or not.

Even now, you get the sense that Bosh wants his coach to loosen up it. In Bosh's eyes, "he's done pretty good."