Scene at the arena in Miami

MIAMI -- Playoffs are here.

When you walk into AmericanAirlines Arena, you're greeted with an onslaught of white. Draped over each seat in the arena is a white T-shirt that reads "WITNESS" with LeBron James' new logo above the text. This is part of the organization's "White Hot" playoff campaign.


Here's a closeup of the T-shirt. The logo about the text is LeBron James' new Nike logo. The LeBron James 8 PS' is the two-time MVP's signature shoe with Nike.


If you're fortunate enough to sit courtside, you get an extra bonus. A white card sits atop the seat cushion with a special invitation.


We're told that the Southeast "Vomitory" is a space in the tunnel area, in the back channels of the arena.

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