The most important meal of the day

LeBron James' "just finishing our breakfast" quip -- a nod to Jay-Z's "Success" and/or a flip insult to the Philadelphia 76ers -- has launched an endless stream of breakfast metaphors over the last 24 hours. Kate Fagan reported that Lou Williams went so far as to assign teammates breakfast-y nicknames.

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones has your full roundup of breakfast-related basketball writing. Kerby found citations in the dailies, on ESPN.com and notes that Elton Brand took pride in his team's valiant effort by describing the Sixers as a long buffet. And even Tim Reynolds, our colleague at Associated Press, went through the Drive-Thru:

Yep, Elton Brand, you guys are the continental breakfast of the NBA. Dry pastries, pans full of hours-old bacon and a surprisingly robust selection of oatmeal mix-ins — the Philadelphia 76ers are all of that. (Andre Iguodala is the omelette counter because he’s the Sixers’ best player.) As far as I’m concerned, that’s a huge compliment. They may not have won their series, but leaving the postseason as the NBA’s answer to the best meal of the day is nothing to sneeze at.

Even more hilarious, however, was that the elaborate food puns were so contagious that the Associated Press’ Tim Reynolds couldn’t help getting in on the action.