LeBron: Tressel's resignation "unfortunate"

MIAMI – LeBron James has been a fan and supporter of Ohio State football for years. He said Tuesday that he felt football coach Jim Tressel’s resignation from the university was “unfortunate.”

James has been on the sidelines of numerous Ohio State games in recent years and maintains a friendship with quarterback Terrelle Pryor, one of the players at the center of the memorabilia controversy that contributed to Tressel’s departure.

“Coach Tressel’s done some great things for the university,” James said. “It is unfortunate about the allegations that have come out in the past year. Everyone in Columbus and Ohio knows how important he was for the university. I wish him the best.”

James declined to talk about recent communications he’s had with Pryor, who has looked up to James as a mentor since he arrived at Ohio State four years ago.

“Hopefully the university will come back, it’s one of the best universities we have in the America,” James said. “They’ll figure something out."