Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 2

  • Why hate the Heat? SB Nation's Andrew Sharp gives you 100 reasons. Starting with ... “Pat Riley is the creepy old guy at the bar, plotting ways to steal your girlfriend.”

  • Hoop fans have been calling Colin Cowherd to hate on LeBron.

  • Say what you want about the Heat, but the ratings have been soaring this postseason. Game 1 of the NBA Finals averaged a 10.7 in major markets, ahead of last year's first game between the Celtics and Lakers, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald points out.

  • Winning a championship won’t make the haters suddenly start liking the Heat. “But to say a championship will suddenly turn the Heat into a popular team is the stuff of fools. The term Miami Hate has become as common in places outside of South Florida as the team’s name, a term that is littered with envy.“

  • Give the Heat a chance, and They'll grow on you. Just ask Lisa Rab: “I no longer hate the Miami Heat. Now that the rest of America loathes them, they're growing on me.”

  • Some hate LeBron for taking the "can’t beat 'em, join 'em" approach. “The success of the Miami superteam seems to have half the other stars in the league now wanting to cut the same corners.”

  • For some, it’s no longer fun to hate on the Heat. “I’m not jumping on the James-Big Three-Heat bandwagon. It’s too late for that. Dan Le Batard won’t let me on. And I’m not even convinced the Heat will win this best-of-seven Finals series.”