Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 3

  • Daniel Gibson isn't too happy with LeBron James. ... Again. Gibson, irked by his old teammates' comments of wanting "to team up with some guys that would never die down in the moment" after taking down the Bulls last week, fired back on The Dugout Sports Show Podcast. "The way it's said, you can't help but take it personal. ... I don't think great players should feel the need to say this about a team or say that about a team. I think what it all boils down to if you're great, you go play great, be great and everybody will realize you're great. And you wouldn't have to let it be known that everybody else was less great. Great players shouldn't have to do that. So I feel like it's kind of an admission. He might have needed some help. He might have needed to go somewhere and find someone who is a little greater so maybe he wouldn't die down in those moments."

  • It's no secret that most Cavs fans have enjoyed any defeat handed to LeBron and the Heat. But for the Finals, "Cleveland Todd" and his "Cavs For Mavs" cohorts have taken it a step further. But, as he tells Yahoo's Dan Wetzel, the campaign isn't just for suffering Cavs fans: "'CavsForMavs is a good name but I think it’s everybody,' Todd said. 'I’ve been getting messages from people who aren’t Cavs fans or Mavs fans. I don’t know how you can live in Kansas and be a Heat fan. Unless you’re a frontrunner and then you’re a horrible person.' Todd is joking. Sort of. The anger from Cleveland looms over this Finals, making it like nothing in recent memory. This isn’t just about the Heat vs. the Mavericks. For many, it’s more. There is a tongue-in-cheek aspect to CavsForMavs, but the underlying emotion is real."

  • The jabs at LeBron's hairline aren't receding, er, going away, as evidenced by this Photoshop circulating around the Internet.

  • Why do fans hate King James so much? Will Leitch counts the ways. "The emotion evoked by the name 'LeBron James' can be either vitriol or devotion. Most Cavaliers fans -- not all, of course, but most -- have never forgiven him for surrendering in Game 5 of last year's NBA series against Boston. And woe be unto he (or she) who invokes "The Decision" television debacle."

  • Add these to your Heat joke book: "What is the difference between a Miami Heat player and a baby? A baby eventually stops crying. Not only did the Heat get cited for a locker room crying story, but they do whine on almost constant basis.”