Can't Stand The Heat: NBA Finals, June 7

  • Whose team is it? Kurt Helin has an inkling. "The Heat are not LeBron’s team. They are not Dwyane Wade’s team. They share the team, the spotlight, the alpha dog role. At the end of Game 3, they got together to run a pick-and-roll rather than an isolation for one of them. At other times they each have taken over at the end of games. They each have called out teammates.'"

  • Michael Wallace tweets, "Said it all season. Heat won't be sympathetic bunch. But crazy how they're taking on Mavs + still some silly media at this stage."

  • DeShawn Stevenson sees LeBron and Dwyane Wade as master thespians. "They're great actors and they sell it," Stevenson said Monday afternoon. "That's what they're supposed to do."

  • Ken Berger sees LeBron's approach as praiseworthy. "You can't credit James for closing out the Celtics and Bulls because the defensive matchups favored him, and vilify him when he steps aside against the Mavs because the matchups favor Wade. This is the very thing his critics (myself included) doubted he'd be able to do. You can't watch LeBron notice out of the corner of his eye -- with his back to the play -- that Udonis Haslem was walling off Dirk Nowitzki to create a wide-open baseline shot for Bosh and say LeBron should've shot the ball instead. Can you imagine the venom if he'd done that, and missed?"