Tuesday Micro-Hotness

  • John Krolik of Pro BasketballTalk with a whip-smart examination of the Heat offense. The No. 1 bullet point? LeBron James: Not enough action off the ball. "s good as LeBron James can be when he’s making plays, he’s much better when he’s able to come from the weak side and finish them. LeBron driving and kicking to an open three-point shooter or finding a slashing big man from the perimeter is effective — LeBron catching a pass at full speed and going to the basket against a defense trying to recover is all but unstoppable ... With all apologies to Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao, LeBron’s never played on an NBA team with players like Wade and Bosh, players capable of drawing enough defensive attention to free up James on the weak side and allow LeBron to punish teams the moment they forget about him. Unselfish isn’t always about trying to make your teammates better; sometimes, it’s about letting your teammates make you better, and LeBron hasn’t been doing that."

  • The hospitality sector in downtown Miami looks for ways to appeal to NBA teams who must book as many as 40 rooms at each stop on a road trip. What do players look for in a hotel? Long beds, tall showerheads, 24-hour room service. David Locke, voice of the Jazz, gives you a video tour of the Kimpton Group's Epic Hotel, one of the better new spots in the region and where the Jazz are staying while in Miami.

  • Two elite point guards come into AmericanAirlines Arena over the next three nights. Each will test Carlos Arroyo in the first quarter. After that, who gets the defensive assignment?

  • Bethlehem Shoals of The Works measures Chris Paul's return and quest to be one of history's most regaled point guards against LeBron James' journey, which is somewhat different because he arrived in the NBA with an almost preordained label of greatness: "James has, from the day he entered the league, been saddled with the burden of all-timer-ness. LeBron hit the NBA with more promise than any player in recent memory; if nothing else, he was the most outlandishly skilled, and physically gifted, to come along since the hype wave crested. He lends himself naturally to talk of the great beyond because LeBron James has always been a creature of history."

  • Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is a big fan of boxer Manny Pacquiao. According to Michael Wallace, the two are talking about co-hosting a series of sports clinics in the Philippines. Pacquiao's favorite NBA team? The Boston Celtics.