Thursday Hotness

  • As it turned out, the LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant showdown upstaged the Melo vs. Goodman match on Tuesday. At TrueHoop, Hoopspeak.com's Beckley Mason gives us the report on LeBron's game from Baltimore: "LeBron's post game is still a work in progress. Although James has the ability to overwhelm players like Kevin Durant with his strength, his best moves Tuesday night didn’t utilize that advantage. Instead, LeBron looked most comfortable stepping back or falling away over either shoulder. He hit a high percentage of these looks, but he remains oddly awkward powering his way to the rim in the style of, say, Carmelo Anthony."

  • Ahead of a VMAN Magazine photo shoot that features Dwyane Wade, the Yahoo! Sports online magazine, The Post Game, asks the question: "Is Dwyane Wade Sports' Top Fashion Icon?" I don't have an answer for that, but I do know that Wade's outfit in the second photo is giving me some ideas for my Halloween costume next month.

  • Is Eddie House better than Mike Bibby? The ESPN.com NBA expert panel thinks so. House was ranked #297 in the summer-long rating of every NBA player while Bibby checked out at #307. If you asked me back in February, I would have said I'd rather have Bibby than House. But that was before I knew Bibby's strongest asset disappeared: his 3-point shot.

  • At New York Times, learn the link between Miami assistant coach Bob McAdoo and Madison Keys, the 16-year-old tennis phenom that had people buzzing at the US Open.

  • Need to kill an hour, or six? Basketball-Reference.com just unveiled a new tool on their site called Trade Partners and it's an NBA junkie's delight. You can flip through every one of the Heat's deals and see how each player did before and after the trade went down. Remember George Banks? Neither do I, but he was Miami's haul when they traded away fan favorite Harold Miner and a second-round pick that turned out to be Donny Marshall to Cleveland. Banks never even suited up for the Heat.

  • If you were driving around South Miami on Thursday, you may have noticed over a hundred people waiting outside of Niketown. Why the crowd? The store handed out wristbands that guaranteed a chance at landing LeBron's new kicks called "LeBron 8 V2 Low ‘Miami Nights'" that will drop tomorrow.

  • James Jones, who opted out of his contract with the Heat earlier this summer, is also the secretary-treasurer of the NBA player's association, although he didn't attend the latest labor meeting on Wednesday in New York. Speaking about the "progress" made between the two sides, Jones had this to say: "We're polar opposites right now. Unless something serious happens, I expect for us to miss some time." Jones also mentioned that he's not ruling out a return to the Heat.