Chris Bosh and the "Bosh Spice" nickname

When Chris Bosh speaks to the press, his tone and rhetoric often seems to take the form of a confessional. He wears his emotions on his figurative sleeves, which partially explains why he's such an easy target for macho-obsessed fans.

Whereas most NBA stars tend to retract into a shell when talking with the media, Bosh welcomes the introspective dialogue. But how would it go when he sits across Skip Bayless, the man who frequently calls him "Bosh Spice"? Would he confront him about it?

Sure enough, Bosh gave it to him straight.

"First of all, I don't have a problem with you -- at all . We're both professionals. We both do our jobs. I'm sure you work hard. We do have that southwestern connection."

--"We do, we do,"

"My only problem is just the whole misuse of the name. If I stink it up on the court, that's fine I don't have no problem with you. I love jokes. I love crackin' on jokes. My thing is, my family, we take a lot of pride in our name. My ancestors -- my great-grandfather, my father, my grandfather, my aunts and uncles -- we're very prideful with the Bosh name. I don't like it being made fun of and I don't think they appreciate it either. That's all."

Bosh cut the tension in the room.

"Really, that's it. Really, I'm just trying to save you when you run into one of my aunts."

The set shared a good laugh after that. Which is good because this is all supposed to be a form of entertainment. We're here for the fun and games.

Check out the full discussion in the above video, which includes Bayless' rebuttal.