Monday Hotness

  • Mike Miller is the 169th-best player in the NBA according to our panel at ESPN.com. Where would two working thumbs get him?

  • Who's the biggest winner of the lockout so far? Adrian Wojnarowksi of Yahoo! Sports contends it's LeBron James: "And the longer this lockout goes, the more it benefits James’ team. The shortened season is set up perfectly for them. People sometimes mistake shortened seasons with less wear and tear, and it’s just the opposite. The Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder will benefit far more than the older Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Once the lockout’s lifted, the free-agent frenzy, the trades, the shortened training camp and sprint to the playoffs will still give James even more cover. Eventually, he has to win a title. For him, it needs to be this season."

  • The Game, a rapper from Los Angeles, takes a shot at LeBron in his latest album which topped the Billboard charts. The line? "Fall back like LeBron's hairline against the Mavericks. … You lost." The reason for the barb? In this Page 2 piece, The Game explains, "We're from L.A. We're Kobe fans. It's that simple."

  • Dwyane Wade and LeBron worked out together on Monday. I guess they mended the fences after their Twitter roast last week.

  • For what it's worth, LeBron is reportedly rated a 98 in the NBA 2K12 that's coming out. Dwyane Wade? 96. Kobe Bryant? 94. Chris Bosh? 80. Mike Bibby? 95. (Guess which one I made up).

  • In case you missed it, Friday's Southeast division 5-on-5. Heat Index special contributor John Krolik bets Miami's Big Three will win more than three titles together: "The team was basically two quarters away from a title last season, their core is young, and I think they're only getting better. Still, there's no such thing as an easy championship, so I wouldn't be surprised if they came away with none either."

  • Headline: "Barack Obama is LeBron James." Byline: Joe Scarborough. Website: Politico.