Wade on Mavs: "They had more chemistry"

On Wednesday, Dwyane Wade embarked on a radio show marathon to promote a new basketball shoe traction device called Court Grip. He joined Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket in Miami, FL as part of his tour and talked about the lockout progress, his relationship with LeBron James, coming up short in the Finals against Dallas and what the Heat need to do better next season (hint: chemistry).

Here are the juicy bits from the conversation:

On the treatment from the media:

I’m not going to sit here and cry about what was said and what wasn’t said. It was what it was. We enjoyed it. The ups and the downs is all a part of the journey. It’s all going to be something that we all look back at one day and laugh about it. I’m not going to cry about nothing that was said about the Miami Heat this year. It was what it was.

On the Big Three's on-court chemistry:

You got players like me and LeBron who are similar in a lot of ways which is a little harder and a little different to make that work. And then Chris who has a personality that’s a little more laid back. We need him to be a little more aggressive for us to try to figure it out and try to understand it. So there’s just a lot going on but I think we eventually figured it out.

On whether they deferred too much:

I thought at times we did. I think it was more so earlier in the year, halfway through. I thought that towards the end of the season and going into the playoffs, I thought that we finally figured it out. I thought that we understood our games and what we had to do. You don’t get to the championship if you don’t. I think that obviously that was something that happened early on with me missing time, with the guys coming down. It’s not that easy to put that kind of talent together as fast, but we tried our best and we did a pretty good job. But next year, we’ll be a little bit better. We’ll all be more comfortable from the start.

On the difficulty of meshing the talent:

Yeah, it was a little more difficult than we anticipated. Putting it all together, making it all work. Making sure that when we have a team, everyone has to be involved and everyone has to be happy.

On the recent self-deprecating humor from LeBron:

It is what it is. I’m happy to see LeBron get in on it and not take him self as serious, even talking about himself. I think he had one of his funniest Twitter messages, when he woke up talking about that he had a dream about his lining was back. I thought that was great humor and to understand that, listen guys, this is not as serious as y’all make it. We are all blessed to be in this position.

On how they win the title:

Individually, we have to come back as better players. One thing that Dallas beat us at – they had more chemistry than us. They had a game plan and we were still figuring ours out in our first year together.

On his lockout participation:

I’m glad that the players association and the owners are meeting more. I will be in some more meetings as we go on. But right now, if I was in every meeting that went down, I wouldn’t have time to be a dad or do anything I want to do. When it’s time for me to step up and they’re ready and they’re serious, then I’m in.

On the players' stance in the lockout:

We’re in a lockout people, we’re not on strike. The NBA players want to play. We want to be on the court. But we have to do our jobs to make sure that the game continues to move forward.

On the Oct. 8 scrimmage with LeBron and Chris Bosh at FIU:

We’re showing the love of the game. We’re going to different cities. We’re playing the game we love. We’re getting these communities involved. Hopefully a lot of people who never came to an NBA game before, never got the opportunity see some of their favorite NBA players all on one floor. The opportunity to come out and feel the love and the energy of the game.

On when the lockout will end:

“I don’t know. I wish I had an answer but if I had an answer, then we’d be getting prepared for training camp.”

On getting past the Finals loss:

You are never going to forget it. I’ve played in two Finals. I was able to win one and unfortunately, I’ve been on the other side, losing one. It’s something that will stick with you for a long time – forever. It’s going to be something that you use all the time for that extra motivation that you need. You move on and life continues to move and you have to move with it. But you never move on from that disappointment and that feeling you felt when that buzzer sounded.


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