LeBron James and Kevin Durant work out

There's no question that LeBron James versus Kevin Durant has blossomed into one of the great player rivalries in the game. While they may be enemies on the court, they're friends in the offseason -- and training partners.

Wednesday morning, LeBron (@KingJames) tweeted a video of him and Durant (@KDtrey5) working out together in Akron recently, courtesy of @lebronjamescom. If you wanted to see what a workout looks like for the best basketball players in the world, watch it:

You can expect some curmudgeons to cry "Magic and Larry would never do this!" after watching this video, to which I would respond, "Let it go."

Sidenote: anyone else wish we could get their "40" times on the turf?

Apparently, this is the first video in a series so there's more where this came from.