Monday Hotness

  • If teams need another incentive to install variable pricing, they might want to check out the second-hand ticket market for Heat games. Dave Biderman of the Wall Street Journal: "[S]econdhand-ticket prices for every team in the league increase when the Heat are in town, including a 38% jump from the New York Knicks' overall average and a league-high 72% increase for the Boston Celtics."

  • LeBron James' right elbow was a national obsession this past spring. There's even a corresponding Twitter feed. As we read the tea leaves following Boston's upset of Cleveland, whispers that the elbow wasn't right lingered. James made an allusion to the elbow here and there, but the full extent of the injury was never disclosed. A couple of weeks back, Lang Whitaker of SLAM spoke to James about the elbow for SLAM's September issue 142. As Bethlehem Shoals of AOL Fanhouse's The Works points out, James' quote about his elbow is revelatory given how much hand-wringing was performed over James' Game 5 conference semifinal debacle. Yet somehow, James' admission that "There was times where I couldn't fully extend my elbow, and that's my shooting arm," passed in the night without much fanfare.

  • Heat skeptics often cite center as a potential Achilles' heel. Could Chris Bosh eat up some minutes at the 5 in a league with fewer and fewer traditional centers?

  • Doc Rivers abides by the coaching fraternity code by throwing cold water on any suggestion he's a stealth candidate for the Miami job at some point: "I'm not getting into that ... The only guy on [Riley's] list is [current Miami coach] Erik [Spoelstra] and that's the only guy that should be there. I'm not going there. That's a stupid conversation, it really is."

  • Via the KingJames Twitter feed, LeBron James celebrates the Yankees' sweep and gently thumbs his nose at fans of The U.

  • Erik Spoelstra on Udonis Haslem to CBS Sports' Matt Moore: "He helps guys out, can make the proper rotations, he makes a lot of things look easy. But it takes a real savvy veteran player to be able to anchor that. I look at him as a linebacker, really making good plays and anchoring the defense."

  • Legacy holds little sway with the Heat. The team released Anthony Mason Jr., according to Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel writes that, when it comes to roster continuity, the Magic are the anti-Heat, as they'll enter the season with 10 returning players from last year's squad.

  • Royce Young of Daily Thunder on Chris Bosh's dismantling of the Thunder's frontcourt on Friday night in Kansas City: "I don’t think people are giving Chris Bosh enough credit. Everyone is talking Wade and LeBron, but geez, Chris Bosh is really, really good. Especially when he has that mid-range jumper working. He went straight at Jeff Green and really overwhelmed him."

  • The post is dated July 8, but it's still among the smartest, most nuanced takes on LeBron James' decision to sign with the Heat.