Daily Dime: 'Bizarre' rally keeps streak alive

CLEVELAND -- During a winning streak that started in winter and has moved on to spring, the games are starting to run together for the Miami Heat. It's gone on so long, players sometimes have to pause to remember just how many games they've bagged in a row.

But when they're old men telling stories of these truly glory days, they will not forget Wednesday night. They'll catch glimpses of it in highlight shows and flashbacks. There's a chance it'll be the intro sequence when ESPN does a "30 for 30" film on this continuing run toward history.

"This was one of the most bizarre and unique days of my life," LeBron James said after the biggest comeback of his career involving the two teams he's played every game in that career with.

And there are some pretty unique days in James' catalogue. His Heat's 98-95 victory over the Cleveland Cavs featured a carbon dioxide tank condensation delay, a fan running onto the court to deliver a message to James, and don't forget a 27-point comeback that featured perhaps 10 of the most jaw-dropping minutes that will be played in the NBA this season.

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