Friday Hotness

  • Heat coach Erik Spoelstra joined the Le Batard Show, a local radio show here in Miami for 790 the Ticket, and said that Mike Miller is going to go through his first full practice in San Francisco over the weekend. The Heat play the Warriors on Sunday. Miller was cleared for full contact on Wednesday. Good news for the Heat.

  • Heat owner Micky Arison had a successful year on the court, bringing in the Big Three and reaching the NBA Finals while keeping his costs down. But off the court, he's hit some rough waters in his Carnival cruise line business and his Twitter activity during the lockout caused some controversy ... and a $500,000 fine from David Stern. But he hasn't shut down his Twitter account like many others have after catching some, well, heat. On Friday afternoon, the NBA Player's Association's official Twitter handle (@NBPA) sent out an article about Arison reportedly losing $1.3 billion last year and Arison decided to retweet @NBPA and add a special message for former NBPA leader Billy Hunter: "I'm in good company btw say hi 2Billy 4me." Gazillionaire Warren Buffett joined Arison on the list so, yeah, he shouldn't be too worried.

  • LeBron James was recently wearing some shoes in the locker room -- not on the court -- with the letters "TACKMA" written on the back. What does it mean? Miami Herald's Joe Goodman is on the case.

  • Speaking of LeBron's shoes, here are photos of his glow-in-the-dark All-Star shoes, courtesy of Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones. Are the lights in Orlando's arena not reliable?

  • How's Shane Battier feeling today after playing nearly the entire triple-overtime game? Let him tell you himself.

  • If you haven't kept up with Couper Moorhead of HEAT.com's Prized Possessions series, you're out of the loop. Get in the loop and read his brilliant stuff. In Friday's post, he breaks down a few sets of the Heat (with video!) that freed up Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers. A must for X's-and-O's geeks and general fans of basketball.

  • Did you catch Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Kevin Harlan's on-camera exchange in TNT's broadcast on Thursday night that wasn't supposed to be, you know, on camera? Yahoo! Sports' Kelly Dwyer has the video for you and I have to agree: it was a refreshing dose of honesty, even if it was critical. Elsewhere, South Florida Sun Sentinel's Ira Winderman has some more video (and a transcript!) of another segment in the broadcast where Shaquille O'Neal explains why Chris Bosh isn't qualified to be in the "Big Three." Charles Barkley also expresses his desire to punch the collective Atlanta Hawks team. This is fun.

  • From Hoopdata's advanced box score, we find that the Atlanta Hawks shot 44. 2 percent on layups and dunks on Thursday. Yes, they missed more than they made. The league average is 63.3 percent on those shots, by the way.