William Wesley: A Chronology

We have too much William Wesley information to blog about. So, after going through pages upon pages of public records and news articles, here are some pertinent facts. In all likelihood we'll keep adding to this as time goes on.

If you can fill in any gaps--and there are tons!--please e-mail me.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in putting this information together.

August 14, 1964 William Sidney Wesley is born.
1975 Public records show some people called Wesley purchase a house at 112 Ivins Avenue in Merchantsville NJ. That same address is later associated with some of William Wesley's business dealings.
1970s-1980s Many reports say that William Wesley played basketball with Milt Wagner, Dajuan Wagner's father, at Pennsauken High School in New Jersey. Wagner goes on to play at Louisville and in the NBA, and takes credit for introducing Wesley to lots of NBA figures. A 2002 Louisville Courier Journal article by Pat Forde says that Wesley is a former shoe store owner. The Wikipedia entry started in the last few days reports "in the early 1980s, Wesley worked as a salesperson at Pro Shoe, a sporting goods company, specializing in high-end basketball shoes, on Haddonfield Road in Cherry Hill, N.J."
1993 Leon Rose represents his first NBA client, Lionel Simmons.
1994 The NJ Higher Education Assistance Authority sues William S. Wesley for a little under $5,000--presumably for failing to pay back a student loan in a timely fashion. However, our informant Eric says that William Wesley didn't go to college, so this one's a bit of a mystery. TrueHoop confirms with college registrars that Wesley did not go to Rutgers, Louisville (where Milt Wagner went), Rider, or Montclair State.
1995 Leon Rose represents his second NBA client, Rick Brunson.
March 1997 Acting as a promoter and/or bodyguard for Dennis Rodman, who is in town with the Chicago Bulls, Wesley scuffles with a photographer at a nightclub in a Philadelphia suburb. Wesley is widely reported to be close to many of the Chicago Bulls from this era.
1998 Public records show that a man who is likely William Wesley's father declares bankruptcy.
2000 William Wesley purchases a condominium (photo) on McClurg Court in Chicago, which is also associated with some of his business dealings. That same year, he is sued by the building's management for a little more than $2,500 in Cook County Municipal Court.
2002 Following in the footsteps of Aaron McKie and some other teammates, Allen Iverson appoints Leon Rose as his agent for NBA matters. According to one article, Rose cites "mutual friends" as having been influential to the decision.
2003 Speaking in January 2006, Eric reports that "about three years ago" William Wesley sold a 10% stake in Jordan's Jumpman brand that Jordan had given him years earlier. In 2003, William Wesley purchases another home in Mechanicsville, on Glenwood Avenue.
2004 William Wesley buys yet another house in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
2005 Allegedly at the instigation William Wesley, LeBron James fires his agent, Aaron Goodwin, and replaces him with a team of friends and Leon Rose.