John Canzano on William Wesley

Oregonian columnist John Canzano wrote about William Wesley during the NBA Finals, and in his blog several times. In his blog he links to the article, but the link goes here, where, sadly, there is no article.

So I bought it from the archives, and they e-mailed it to me. Here's the most interesting part:

Pippen figures he met Wesley in the early 1990s. Can't remember exactly where. But Wesley was around Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls championship teams. And public records show Wesley once had an apartment in Chicago.

"Wes, where will you be after the game?" Pippen asked.

"I'll find you," Wesley said.

Wesley's cellular phone rang five minutes into Thursday's Game 4.

On the other end was LeBron James.

James had arrived at The Palace and wanted to know where "Uncle Wes" was sitting. A few minutes later, LeBron found his courtside seat, then looked across the court and waved at Wesley.

James recently took Wesley's advice and severed his ties with agent Aaron Goodwin. Wesley is an associate and friend of Philadelphia-based agent Leon Rose. He's also close with Pistons coach Larry Brown and has been linked to Cavaliers owners Dan Gilbert and David Katzman.

Canzano states as cold hard fact that Wesley advised LeBron James to sever ties with Goodwin, and is an associate of Leon Rose. I wonder how he learned that.