What Happened to LeBron James' McDonald's Deal?

A TrueHoop reader e-mails to say that LeBron James' ditching of Aaron Goodwin may have cost LeBron a big endorsement deal with McDonalds.

The impending deal was mentioned in a February 2005 Washington Post article by Mike Wise and Greg Sandoval, but I can't find any evidence of the McDonald's deal actually happening yet.

Indicative of how quickly marketing tastes change, James is close to signing a multiyear endorsement deal with McDonald's -- which used to employ Bryant to move its products.

The reader's suggestion is that if William Wesley lured LeBron James away from Aaron Goodwin, he may have contributed to the loss of this deal. There are a lot of assumptions in there that I'm not ready to make. In all of my conversations, I haven't been able to confirm that Wesley actually was integral to Goodwin's firing. There's also always the possibilty it would have fallen through with Goodwin as his agent, or that it is still in the works. We'll have to do more research to really find out.

In any case, I'm guessing that a McDonald's deal is pretty much the promised land of endorsement deals. Wonder if it will happen.