The Blazers' Candidate: Not Paul Silas

I stand corrected: the coaching candidate Blazers General Manager John Nash has been hinting about was not Paul Silas but instead John Lucas, according to this excellent bit of NBA research by the Oregonian's Jason Quick.

In any case, it's water under the bridge now:

Lucas confirmed Monday that he was involved with the Blazers, but when asked if he was offered the job, he referred all questions to the Blazers. Nash wouldn't comment on Lucas, saying he didn't want to start revealing names of people interviewed.

"That person had a change of direction and is no longer involved," Nash said.

In the same article, Quick dumps all kinds of good NBA news (including the rumor that Minnesota might be on the brink of offering their head coaching job to Seattle assistant Dwayne Casey) and he includes some delightfully frank commentary from Nash on players who don't want to compete in pre-draft workouts:

"I'm frustrated today because it seems like a number of players at the top are unwilling to showcase themselves, saying they don't want to work out one-on-one or two-on-two," Nash said. "But that makes it hard for me, because if they don't want to compete for the third pick in the draft, then it's hard for me to envision them competing 82 times a season."

"I mean, I'm 58 years old and I can make a jump shot by myself, unguarded in a gym," Nash said. "The real difficulty we are dealing with, particularly with a high school kid, is judging his defensive prowess. You can't judge that from tape."