Stephen Curry will not be easily hazed

By Henry Abbott

In his diary on GQ.com, the rookie Warrior Stephen Curry talks about a prank his teammates tried to pull on him before his first regular-season game:

Before heading out to the court, that was probably the most nervous I got all night. Everybody was piled in the hallway. You could hear the crowd, the music playing. We all got pretty excited. One of our captains gave a good speech to get us motivated.

Then my teammates tried to play a joke on me. As soon as we said "1-2-3 Warriors!" we got in single-file to take the court, and I was the first person in line. When we got to the end of the tunnel, I turned around, and they were further down the hall than I thought they'd be. Because I'm the only rookie, they had planned to let me run out on the court by myself and then kind of look around all dumb -- and then they'd come out eventually. But since I saw them, they couldn't really pull it off.