William Wesley, Party Promoter

It was a tiny little mention. One article about Dennis Rodman's appearance at The Iguana Club in 1997 described William Wesley as a "promoter."

More and more people who were close to the Bulls in the 1990s tell me that is how William Wesley made a name for himself.

Reportedly those kinds of relationships typically work like this: a person who has close connections to NBA players (Wesley is known to have been a confidant of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and other former Bulls) arranges some kind of event at a nightclub. The nightclub tells everyone that NBA players will be at the club on a certain night. People show up in droves to party with that kind of swanky clientele, and the club gives the "promoter" a percentage of the night's take for making it happen. The NBA players typically also get some cash.

One person told me that for a while there was an event like this after almost every Bulls road game, including preseason and playoffs.

I haven't heard anyone say that this is an important part of what William Wesley does to support himself these days. But several people have told me that the first time they heard of William Wesley, it was in this context.