Don Nelson: "It's harder than hell to trade that guy."

Stephen Jackson wants out. And the Warriors want to accommodate him. Easier said than done. Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

Don Nelson was on radio station KNBR in San Francisco talking about Stephen Jackson. He couldn't have been clearer that he's no longer assuming things will work out.

“We know Jack wants out, we’re trying to accommodate him," he explains. "It’s harder than hell to trade that guy. He’s got his history; he’s got a long-term contract. We’re trying.”

The main thing I take away from the interview, however, has nothing to do with Jackson.

It's that Nelson is speaking, he says, live from an Indianapolis bar where he's enjoying a scotch and cigar.

Meanwhile, Warriors fans are pulling their hair out. The team they love is in terrible disarray, becoming the laughingstock of the NBA. The players are in full mutiny mode, a team that once had great promise is fading from relevance, and Nelson, more than anyone, has been calling the shots.

Everyone is entitled to some downtime, but this has a certain "let them eat cake" vibe to it, hearing Nelson chuckle away at the various different ways the team he runs is falling apart. Listen for yourself. Where's the sense of urgency?

Worst of all is the knowledge that if he's fired, he'll still be paid into 2011.

(Via Sports Radio Interviews)