Mini-Extra Thursday Bullets

By Henry Abbott

  • Don Nelson and Monta Ellis, yelling at each other in front of reporters.

  • Did Pau Gasol get injured, or did he get Hollywood?

  • Swine flu is no match for Chris Douglas-Roberts, who tweets that he is back to work. Doctors told me that an advantage of swine flu -- assuming you avoid dangerous complications -- is that it tends not to linger as long as conventional flu.

  • In a chat about his new book The Art of a Beautiful Game, Sports Illustrated writer Chris Ballard was asked to describe my basketball game. His answer was very generous, but a TrueHoop reader told me that, when he first read, it seemed like the answer was racy and bizarre. If you confuse the comment above with the one below ... you'll see what I mean. Hilarious. Read for yourself. PG-13.

  • Ty Lawson really wants you to know he's going to Dave and Buster's tonight.