Was William Wesley on TV Last Night?

An e-mail from Mike theorizes that Wesley might have been on camera in relation to the whole "Antonio Davis rushes into the stands to defend his wife from hecklers" incident:

After watching Bron blow the free throw, I left it on sportscenter, and they went into the whole Antonio Davis going into the stands, and as he is running up towards her, you see a man in a white collared shirt come down from a few rows back on the left side of the screen and kinda grab him and usher him back down the aisle and stay with the family for a bit. There weren't any great shots of him but I'm almost positive it was Wes, so take another look, maybe there's something there or maybe I'm just really too obsessed with the whole story of the guy.

I didn't see it. Can anybody confirm that, or better yet point us to online video of the incident?