Toronto Blues: Coach and GM in Spat

Toronto Coach Sam Mitchell is not afraid to mix it up. You can say that for him.

Now, according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, one of the people on Mitchell's list might be Toronto General Manager Rob Babcock. One of the issues is the recall of Pape Sow from the D-league:

Mitchell refused to comment on the recall in Portland on Wednesday night, except to say it was a decision made by the GM and that he had no minutes available for an unproven second-round draft pick who has struggled every NBA game he's played in.

And while Babcock said the decision on playing time would be Mitchell's to make, he had to know there would be no time for Sow to play given the current roster.

Babcock's suggestion that Sow would be evaluated in practice if not in games raises two questions. The first is, who will do the evaluation? The second is, for how many practices will he be assessed?

Given Toronto's schedule between now and the Feb. 16 all-star break, there might be as few as four full practice days.

There are those in the organization who think the wedge between Mitchell and Babcock was driven in nearly a year ago with the GM's refusal to suspend emotional guard Rafer Alston after a Cleveland locker room argument with Mitchell that sources say was bitter, loud, profane and almost physical.

Mitchell then had to deal with Alston for the rest of the season, knowing his GM had not fully backed him.