Monday Bullets

  • As Chicago fans were celebrating their 1998 world championship, cops allegedly shot a boy. A trial is beginning in Chicago.

  • A TV series based on former Phoenix 12th man Paul Shirley's blog, called The 12th Man, moves into production. (via HoopsHype)

  • Chris Broussard: "A league source told me Chris Webber went off in the Sixers' locker room after the demolition by the Wizards. Frustrated by the team's mediocrity, Webber yelled at coaches and players alike while saying, in essence, he never gets the ball."

  • Theo Ratliff is using bad grammar and spelling to teach kids math.

  • Whit Watson on the Magic: "Otis Smith may indeed be named the full-time general manager in the days to come."

  • Zach Randolph must be pissed: there's a big article in the Dallas Morning News saying Randolph had trouble with Dirk Nowitzki's defense.

  • An incredible story from John Canzano: they tell University of Oregon basketball player (and William Wesley friend) Malik Hairston to give an autograph to a little boy. Little boy says, I'm no boy. I'm a girl. And I'm no kid, I'm 26. And I don't want an autograph, I'm a reporter.

  • Tim Hardaway made the All-Star team. In the ABA. (sort of via Deadspin.)

  • Sam Smith is cranky again: "It's clear that only Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas (depending on its ability to defend consistently in the playoffs), Phoenix (if it gets Amare Stoudemire back) and Miami (if Shaquille O'Neal recovers from his Walt Bellamy imitation) are contenders for the NBA title. If there is a theme to this NBA season thus far, it's mediocrity. Rarely have there been so few elite-type teams and rarely have there been so many stars (Tracy McGrady, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant) on teams still uncertain of even making the playoffs."

  • Marc Stein is stirring it up with this claim: Kobe Bryant's 81 was the greatest performance ever. The gist is "yeah, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100, but he was real big." Me, I'd take anything in a game that really mattered over this one.

  • Kobe Bryant stole Luke Ridnour's thunder.