GQ's Most Hated Athletes

Thanks to the Blazer Blog for pointing this out. Bonzi Wells made the list, thanks, among other things, to his threatening of sportswriter Jason Quick. But look what Greg Anthony has to say about NBA-man-of-the-hour Kobe Bryant:

"I'd be the �rst to tell you that Kobe has not helped himself with a lot of what's gone on."

"He's never been the type to do things that would endear him to his teammates."

"As a player, �rst and foremost, it's shot selection. You've gotta understand that when you're not playing the game the right way, it's going to negatively impact you toward your teammates. And there were a lot of complaints about Kobe being sel�sh, not caring about anyone other than himself. Even his coach said he was uncoachable. If your coach is saying it, you can rest assured the players are saying it."

"I've talked to Scottie Pippen and Michael, and if Michael Jordan played with Shaq, he would have found a way to let Shaq be the man."

By the way, I'm pretty certain these interviews were conducted before Kobe Bryant's 81-point outburst.