The other ex-Sixer

By Henry Abbott

Now that Allen Iverson has reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Sixers, a journeyman player who tried out for his hometown Sixers a couple of times -- Kevin Owens -- says he's more excited to watch than ever.

But the signing that would push his fandom over the top would be the return of a different departed Sixer. A veteran of the D-League and overseas leagues, Owens knows first-hand the power of Reggie Evans. He has a blog at Waiting for Godunk, and Hugging Harold Reynolds recently published Owens' tale of spending a day learning from professor Reggie Evans:

I have played some strong people and I have played some quick people, but I have never played anyone as strong and as quick as him. No matter where I went, he was there. If I ran the floor. he was running next to me. If I made a post move, he was doing everything he could to stop me. I felt like I was playing in the NBA Finals. But that is Reggie. Guys like that will always have a place in the league. They out-work everyone, they out-hustle everyone and they out-rebound everyone.

Unfortunately for me, this is the man standing between me and a roster spot for the 76ers. I am guessing since I am writing a blog about waiting to go play basketball, you figured out the outcome that day. I can’t help but thinking that my road to the NBA could have been a little easier had Reggie been caught in traffic that morning.

I walked out of the gym that day with a better understanding of hard work, and about a dozen or so deep lacerations all over my arms and chest, courtesy of Reggie. The most frustrating thing about the day is that I got a lot better. I learned a lot from both Reggie and Elton [Brand] -- things that I have worked hard on incorporating into my game. Sadly, the only viewers who have seen my newly refined game are the good people of Kosovo.